Hello there, stranger.

Once upon a time I was very shy.  
Once upon a time I didn't even know how to use the internet.  
Once upon a time I never in a million years thought I'd use the internet for anything more than email.

My name is Megan.  So.... ta-da!  I am an almost always awkward, semi consistently enthusiastic, transient wanderer, and somewhat mysterious giant from the Northeast.  I like learning new things, especially if those things involve working with my hands.  Sewing, carving, knitting, pressing, pulling, tangling, untangling... 
I'm perhaps a smidge all over the place.

I like to bike.  I like to eat.  I like to make sickeningly sweet tea.  I like to wander.  I like bees.  I like trees.  I like Shel Silverstein reads.  I like being tall.  I like being silly.  I like to reminisce.  I like instant nostalgia.    
I like to make messes.  I like to organize my messes.  

So many things!

And for more... here's some frequently asked questions that may take care of a few mysteries.