June 17, 2012

From The Vault: Life Drawing Class

One of my required classes in school was a life drawing class.  A few years ago I signed up and I was more than terrified going into it.  I had never even attempted drawing people, portraits, or figures of any kind really.  I had a great professor who broke down the process so well, (and made it look shockingly easy), and I truly enjoyed the class.  I would probably go as far as saying that it was my favorite foundations class.

While cleaning up and going through my stored junk I stumbled upon a few drawings from the class.  This one sketch page in particular was a favorite of mine.  We would use larger pages like this and fill them with smaller sketches and gesture drawings as a warm up at the beginning of each class before we devoted several hours to one final drawing.  I am sad to say I have done next to no figure drawings since this class.  I hope I can make the time to get back into it one day.  I'd also love to attempt an adventure into the portrait drawing world.

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  1. Hi Megan -

    There seem to be broken links to the images from your Life Drawing Adventures. Would love to see them as I too have a love-hate relationship with life drawing. Am looking forward to starting a new j-o-b in a month where I will be able to attend "lifers" on a regular basis. Until then, would love to see your work!