June 17, 2012

From The Vault: New Old Car

I couldn't help but take pictures of this beauty.  My sister-in-law-to-be and her friend came over to borrow my dad's pickup truck because... they went to Vermont to get two baby goats!  Did you know a baby girl goat costs $10?  That's crazy.  I want a bunch.

Anyway, they came over and traded cars and this is the car our friend Leslie rolled up in fresh off her cross country road trip from California.  She crawled into the driveway with her hair down and fedora on, and I seriously wanted to be her.  She had purchased the car while living in California and had it worked on while she traveled to New Zealand.  When she got back it was road ready for the long haul to Maine.  I'm so glad this beauty got to sit in our driveway for a little while.  I have spent a lot of time staring and drooling over it.

Everything is perfect and dreamy.  From the color to the neat pattern of charming rust and paint, from the aging leather interior to the straw hat and leather boots sitting teasingly in the back window, from the handmade wooden cup holder and makeshift tool turned door lock apparatus to the leek sitting carelessly on the front seat.  Man, it was so perfect.

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