June 28, 2012

Rose Thorn Bloom: June

Some of the highs of the month were...
-Kicking the month off with a fantastic mini reunion of friends from far away.
-Starting this fresh and new blog.
-Getting to bike from Maine to Massachusetts with new and old friends.
-Spending quality air conditioning time with sister-in-law-to-be, popsicles, and iced coffee.
-Leaving the continent for the first time ever to go to France.

Some of the lows of the month were...
-Having to turn the heat back on in June just doesn't make sense.  But it sure was chilly that first week.
-Waiting on my tax return money made for a pre-France nail biter.
-I wish I had spent more time studying French!

Looking forward to...
-Any and every single thing that happens in France.

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