July 27, 2012

French Friday 5

While we were in Paris we were very lucky.  Our printmaking group got to go take a little tour of one of the few remaining print shops in the area.  This is Idem, primarily a lithography shop, and it is fantastic.  They have presses that haven't moved since the late 1800s.  They've got stones that Picasso worked on, and many, many other famous artists.  The lithography presses were once used a lot for commercial purposes, and they had plenty of posters on the wall to show for it.  (Check out that Orangina poster!  I want it!).  While we were there they had a David Lynch show up, so we got to see some of his drawings and prints.  We also got to peek at some JR prints!  If you haven't heard of the artist/photographer JR, then you should look him up.  All in all it was a fantastic day getting to traipse around such a gem of a printmaking playland.  I pretty much want to become fluent in French solely to be able to intern here.

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