July 2, 2012

Weekend Waygone 3

You'd think I'd never seen a bed before.  Needless to say I was a bit sleepy after jet-setting around from the States, connecting in Amsterdam, and finally setting foot in France, but I think I've been a bit lost in a dreamy-dramatic state in the little time I've been here.  My room is fantastic and I literally touched the sheets on my twin bed, put my hand on my heart, and sighed a little.  I just can't believe I'm here and can't believe it's real.  I never thought I'd ever get the opportunity to study abroad.  In fact, I'm only a few classes away from getting my degree, but thanks to a bicycle-accident-wrist-breaking-surgery adventure, I was sidelined for over four months.  That allowed me the opportunity to be here today.  I am very nearly glad I went through all that just to be here.

These are just photos of my room area.  I am sharing a sleeping room with three others, but I was lucky enough to get there first and snag the bed by the window.  How could I resist that view?  Around every corner there's some sort of nook, portal, or other form of old timey goodness.  I can't believe this place is real.  I can't wait to explore and see more and more!


  1. Oh my gosh- these photos are gorgeous! Is it a residence for the school you're going to, or is this an apartment? I can completely understand why this made you sigh. Enjoy! :)

    1. The school take up a good amount of the town so we live in an old medieval stone home as our school residence. Every residence is different and unique. It's perfect here!

  2. That is an amazing space! And what a gorgeous view!

  3. Oh my that looks fantastic!
    -Britney of Lemonwood and Honey