May 13, 2013

The Trailhead Awaits

One week at a time.  That's all.  I recently had the pleasure of delivering a few friends to start their brave journey along the Appalachian Trail.  We took to the backroads of Georgia, and after scaling quite a mountain side on a barely passable road... in my little tiny sedan, I dropped the boys off at the Springer Mountain trailhead.  There next step will be north towards Maine.  Inspiring, adventurous, courageous, and fun.  I haven't had much time to leave Atlanta, so while I was out in the woods I made sure to take it all in and enjoy what I found out there.  Fresh air, green trees, perfect breezy sunshine, and a lot of time to think.  I am jealous of those boys and their adventure.  Soon I'll have another adventure of my very own.

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