June 22, 2013

Lebanon, NH

Back on the bike.  Today's ride brings us close to the Vermont border, so we can nearly check New Hampshire off our list.  We were treated to another perfectly sunny day as we cruised along the rolling hills.  Lunch came up to us at the bottom of a small descent.  After hanging out for a bit, and eating my fair share of cheese, I got back on the bicycle and cruised on towards our new town.  Before arriving in Lebanon, we came upon a nice little swimming spot.  I lounged under a shade tree (notice a pattern yet?) while others jumped in, and soon enough I was back on the bike heading to town.

What we found when we arrived was an awesome town square.  In the middle, a lovely green park, and on the outside were shops, a post office, a fire house, and other small town charm.  These trips are always an awesome examination into small town America, and I love finding simple, small towns with a lot of character and charm.

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