June 30, 2013

Lockport, NY

Another day off the bicycle and at the wheel of the support van.  Lucky for us, we got a break from the rain, and were treated with a day spent in the sun.  We were all elated, and arrived at our new destination town in time to enjoy the last half of their outdoor market down the main street.  This town is full of spirit, especially considering we arrived just after great flooding in the area.  This was undetectable until we stepped inside our host.

The bottom floor had completely flooded, and yet the town didn't turn away our group of thirty, and still allowed us a dry floor to lay our sleeping bags down upon upstairs.  The hospitality we receive from town to town is awe inspiring.  Not only were we offered a place to sleep, the community also came together and left us with all the fixin's to cook up our own barbecue.  After the outdoor market was fully explored by the group, a handful of people went to work turning the parking lot into our own backyard barbecue.

While dinner was being taken care of, I slipped down the road, past the market, and found the most perfect local hole in the wall watering hole I'd ever seen.  It was one of those establishments that has a handful of regulars who stop everything and turn to see who is coming into their place.  There were spiderwebs aplenty, peanut shell covered floorboards galore, and a spinning vat of purple slush.  Inside, I would come to find out, was the most delicious loganberry drink.  I split a few with my co-leader, and had a great time before the feast.

The feast was delicious and plentiful.  Table after table of snacks, salads, burgers, dogs, etc.  The weather, still nice, made for a perfect evening out.  Everyone seemed to be in good spirits, as is fairly typical and amazing of this group, and we all joined in a nice digestive dance party to end the meal.  It's these exact moments when I realize just how fantastic my life is, and how lucky I am to be in this position.  I went to bed early and as happy as ever.