July 4, 2013

Ashtabula, OH

Good morning, pouring rain.  Today, the fourth of July, started with many-a-rain-drop, which meant prepping for the day, getting the bikes ready, and having our morning meeting indoors.  My co-leaders and I banded together to deliver a flawless rendition of the Independence Day speech, while sporting some tiny patriotic hats and glowing red, white, and blue stunner shades.  Just an average morning spent biking across the country, right?

Stepping out in the cold rain left me feeling a bit sore, but such is the norm after spending nearly everyday riding in the rain.  Eventually the rain would shy away a bit, but the wind took its place.  Lucky for us we had just the right pick-me-up in the form of another state sign!  I was met at the sign by friends in need of spare tubes.  I gave them my last, desperately hoping I wouldn't get a flat later.

Eventually, we made it in safe and sound, warmed up, and had the best salad buffet pot luck yet.  So many good toppings!  I set up my sleeping bag in a nice little quiet corner where I picked up a book to read and take it easy.  Little did I know, I set up in the workout room, where a few gals decided to put their fitness to the test and bust out some Insanity ab routine.  I semi-reluctantly joined in to see what all the fuss was about, and spent the entire session with the giggles.  I think I got a better workout laughing than I would have if I had focused enough to execute the fancy moves.  Either way, I was in the best of spirits when I finally found my sleeping bag again and fell asleep.