June 16, 2012

Come One. Come All.

Salutations!  This site will be a constant work in progress and will generally follow the happenings of the creative, wanderlust, overwhelmed, enthusiastic, maker that I am.  This is a new space and I'm still getting the hang of everything.

I've never kept a diary.  When I was younger I always thought I might, but never did.  I never knew what to write about.  My life seemed to lack things worthy of recording.  As time went on I started doing worthy things, but had a terrible habit to never make any effort to remember.  Hardly ever taking a picture and never ever writing anything down.  A few years ago I went on a trip of a lifetime and put the effort in to take pictures every single day and to keep a journal every single night.  I am so happy I did that and I wish I had kept up with that.

I am hoping this will be a vehicle for remembrance.  I want to keep track of what goes on and I like the idea of sharing it.  I was once a very guarded, quiet, introverted person.  I want to make the effort to open up and break down the walls I've built, and this seemed like as good a way as any.

So, this is a new start.


  1. So excited for this space Megan and to see little glimpses into your travels and projects, it's going to be fun.

    1. Thank you, thank you! I can't wait to go to France and have something to post about!