June 17, 2012

From The Vault: The Day I Got My Cast Off

9:00am - Morning coffee mixed with plenty of milk
10:00am - Out the front door with dirty shoes
11:00am - Ta da cast off
12:00pm - Weaving and cooking up a future DIY
1:00pm - Sushi lunch with mama bear
2:00pm - Parking lot mural
3:00pm - Keeping my future sister-in-law company while seeding some onions
4:00pm - The stamp in my future sister-in-law's truck made from a chopped celery stalk and beet juice 
(we snuck off for a latte and a watering can)
5:00pm - We came home to find Jonah, a neighbor's dog, who hung out with us for a while
6:00pm - Seeing what's under the makeshift greenhouse that's been untouched all winter
7:00pm - Treasure!  Almost exactly a year ago our shed burned down.  I went to investigate and found a bunch of these melted glass chunks!  I felt like a kid who just got their hands on a moon rock... so very excited.
8:00pm - The top of the bandstand I parked next to before grabbing Thai food with a long lost friend.

Monday (March 12) was one of my favorite days in a while.  Perfect weather and plenty to do.  I'm so glad I chose to tote my camera around with me everywhere.  Such a nice change of pace compared to my past photo an hour posts where I hardly left the house!  Plus, it's been staying lighter for longer since we've sprung forward which allowed for plenty of outdoor picture taking opportunities.  I think finding the melted glass was a definite highlight of the day.  I have to return to see what else is left from the fire!

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