June 21, 2012

On The Clock: A Sewing Day And A Late Night

8:00am: Staring out the window, which is propped up with a Tamarind lithography book, having my daily staring contest with the weeping willow, and waking up to the sound of two very awake goats talking to the neighbors.
9:00am: Breaking out the cold brewed coffee, coffee ice cubes, and my favorite mug.
10:00am: Hopping over to the store to get the zipper I need to finish a project.
11:00am: Setting up to complete my latest sewing adventure.
12:00pm: At the machine.
1:00pm: And ta-da!  A weekender bag for upcoming travels.
2:00pm: About to finish off the last of that coffee.
3:00pm: I know I'm hungry, but I don't know what I want.  I do know, however, that it should consist of equal parts butter.  This is how my food brain works.
4:00pm: Appetizer.
5:00pm: Dinner time for those two.  Hazel and Zedd take bottle time very seriously.
 6:00pm: Wishing I had unlimited access to great fabric.  Whenever I finish a project I immediately want to start ten new ones.  For now I'm stuck brainstorming and making lists.
7:00pm:  Couldn't help but show off my new bag to my brother and dad.  Both laughed.
Dad said: that's ridiculous.  I don't have any of that weirdness in me.
He then added, after a long pause, it's a good weirdness.
8:00pm:  Onto the next.  Thinking as I go with a silver marker.
 9:00pm:  Packing for an overnight visit to ye olde summer camp up North.
A long day that ended with a good old fashioned sleepover with one of my very best friends from summer camp.  It was a little bit overcast, and a lot bit cold, so I didn't feel too guilty about staying inside sewing all day.  And good thing I made that cold brewed coffee extra, extra strong by accident, because it was a much longer day than I had anticipated.  I had to pick my friend up from the airport and her flight got postponed from 10:40pm to 1:15am.  Yikes.  I got a lot done on my to-do list, but also procrastinated on some important things.  Oh well.  It will all get done soon enough.

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