June 20, 2012

An Apple A Day

Do you ever hear the pitter-patter of little feet moseying down your hallways and into your rooms?  I'm not talking about pets, I'm not talking about kids... the other day my attention was drawn to the floor after hearing a similar pitter-patter, only to find a very calm squirrel checking things out.  I leaned forward, a move which sent him walking out of my room and back into the hallway, and I followed the little guy into the living room.  I went down to open the door, tried to position myself back behind him to encourage his relocation to the great outdoors, and bid him farewell.

I actually knew this little one had gotten into the house a few days before, but didn't think he was still around.  I wished him well and then went to the kitchen and saw that he had a little feast before he went.  He helped himself to the freshly stocked fruit bowl and left a wonderful arrangement of partially nibbled apples.

Anyway, today I woke up bright and early to ride my bicycle from Maine to Massachusetts with some of my favorite people.  It will be my first real ride since breaking my wrist down in Florida back in December (which landed me in surgery and then a series of 4 casts and a brace...).  Wish me luck!

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