June 19, 2012

From The Vault: I Like To Ride Bicycles

I have a confession: I've biked across the country... twice.  In 2010 I took off from Providence, Rhode Island and didn't stop til the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  In 2011 the start point was Nags Head, North Carolina and the end was La Jolla, California.  Both trips started by dipping the back tire into the Atlantic Ocean, and both trips ended by dipping the front tire into the Pacific Ocean.  We climbed mountains, conquered unpaved roads, saw the sun rise and set everyday, camped out in the middle of nowhere, did laundry every three days on the dot, enjoyed many milkshakes, danced a bunch, used sidewalk chalk everyday, smelled a lot of roadkill, fell off and got boo-boos, had prom, had a mustache Monday prom date ride, peed outside (almost exclusively), and pedaled lots and lots.  They were the two most magical summers ever.  Oh, we also raised a bunch of money for affordable housing organizations and helped build houses along the way.  Best.  Summers.  Ever.

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