June 18, 2012

Weekend Waygone 1

This will be my first year away from summer camp since 1999.  The past two summers I've spent biking across the country, but I always went straight to my favorite New England summer camp afterward to work and help out for a few weeks.  I'll be in France from the start of camp til after camp closes down for the season this time around.  I used some of my pre-France time to head North and visit.

I was there for a sunny day and a rainy night with my two best camp friends.  Camp had just opened up, so this year's staff were arriving for the early bird week and getting to work.  Picnic tables were being painted, cabins were being built, bunk beds were being assembled, grass was being seeded, signs were getting put up, and animals were arriving.

I'll miss the pine needles, the white and green, the bugle calls, standing on my chair after every meal singing camp songs, dress up lunches, all camp capture the flag, catching the bunnies, goats, or horses when they get loose on a seemingly daily basis, celebrating Halloween or Valentine's Day or _____ (enter random holiday or occasion here) in the middle of the summer, making up stories to go along with the different ropes course elements, DEAR (drop everything and read) nights, campfires, the endless amount of activities, pinky linking when walking from point a to point b, getting handwritten letters, making ice cream with my campers, the inevitable all camp Sound of Music watching rainy day acitivity complete with subtitles for sing-along purposes, the smiling faces, the lake, and the loons.


  1. I am so jealous... this is exactly the kind of camp I *always* wanted to spend a summer at growing up, thanks to watching The Parent Trap a million and one times..! Unfortunately there isn't much in the way of that kind of camp here... I literally couldn't be any more jealous of you. You're so lucky!

    1. I am the luckiest, it's true. I don't remember what summer was like before camp. I feel truly lucky to be able to call this my home, and get excited any time I get to visit now.