July 12, 2012

Canine Collar Thrift & Craft

I am thrilled to be guest posting on this blog today!  Much like Megan, I am a creative enthusiast and lover of all things beautiful.  I love being creative whether I am working on a painting, playing music, or making a silly collar for my dog.  Today I will share some photos with you of the latter example.
Making these collars for my dog, Albus, was easy and fun.  I found some simple cloth belts at a nearby thrift store.  I snipped it at an approximate length, held a match to the frayed edges and also applied some no-fray liquid, sewed the belt back together leaving a 1-2" gap to loop a metal ring through, and (in honor of this blog) "ta-da"!  You're done!

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--Thank you so much to Caitlin, (read: Hue), for sharing this with us today!  There are a few dogs around the village I'm in and I maybe want to steal them all.  Every time we go to a market or just a busier town we joke around about getting a puppy.  We'd be lucky if we found one half as cute as little Albus!

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