July 13, 2012

French Friday 3

To the castles and the ruins we will go.  On one of our field trips this week for travel portfolio drawing class we went up, up, up until we found an old stone playground.  Not actually a playground, but we were climbing all over the place and having a lot of fun.  We came here to draw perspective, but as usual I found it too hard to sit myself and draw.  All I wanted to do was explore! The name of the broken castle is Oppede Le Vieux, and it is excellent. It was fun to mix a bit of adventure into the drawing class. There were cliffs everywhere and no warning. Luckily our professor warned us ahead of time and had us keeping an eye out, because it definitely could have been a bit tricky without the wise warnings. There were dirt paths that seemed to lead right up to a cliff. And we were quite high up. High enough, at least. And as every field trip goes, we didn't want to leave. There is a bike path that leads up there so hopefully I can go back if I find the time!

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  1. Are you anywhere near the Tour de France route? It would be so awesome to go see it!