July 10, 2012

From The Vault: First Handmade Wear

I am not one to wear outfits.  I am lucky enough when the majority of what I'm wearing is clean.  Every so often though, something makes me want to go all out and wear something special.  This time around it was the Minoru jacket I made back in May.  This thing was, and pretty much still is, my pride and joy.  I still can't even believe I made it.  While I wear this jacket with pride whenever weather permits, I am most certainly not so great at getting photographic evidence (or getting wrinkles out...).  These were the best I could do a while back and I never remembered to make a post up for them.  This jacket is still my favorite, and made the trip with me to France where it keeps me warm on the cool summer nights.

Also, I should add that this was an extra special occasion.  Proof is in the earlobes.  I rarely wear jewelry, but these earrings are my absolute favorites.  The bearrings, as I call them, were a purchase made on a stormy day on my second bike trip.  We were in Silverton, Colorado on our way to Durango and there was a patch of hail that sent us into the nearest shelter in the form of a gift shop.  I saw these and walked right to the counter with them.  I love these guys.


  1. That jacket is super cute! And I love your shoes!

  2. Megs, you are SO talented, I can't stop exploring through here and being so proud of you old friend. Lots of love. Let me know when you start taking dress and jacket orders :)

    Taitel xoxoxo