July 9, 2012

Weekend Waygone 4

Just about every Saturday we have the opportunity to get shuttled about 30 minutes away to the oldest running market in France.  We go to Apt and spend a few hours at the most amazing market full of fresh fruit, lavender, perfect baskets, soaps, paints, books, cheese, coffee, and just about anything else.  We file down the narrow stone roads and alleyways which are always the perfect temperature in the shade.  I can now ask to purchase apples in French!  My last trip I left with some drawing materials and at the last minute I grabbed a bag full of cherries and an apple for just over one euro.  Then we headed over to a 2000 year old bridge to have lunch under.  It's an old Roman road that was used to connect Rome to Madrid back in the day.  Being held up by gravity.  And is still usable.  Crazy.  I also tracked down a disposable camera for the swap I'm participating in and dropped it off at the post office on Friday!

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