July 31, 2012

Rose Thorn Bloom: July

This time spent in France can only be described as wonderful.  This first month flew by way too fast for my liking, and I know I only have a few weeks left here.  That time will be busy, busy, busy with work and an upcoming gallery show.  What luck I have to live such a wonderful life!  A big part of me wishes this summer would never end.
-Waking up everyday in a medieval French stone village.
-Spending as much time as I want in a small printmaking studio.
-Amazing views everywhere.  All the time.
-Chippy, our lazy cat friend who comes to borrow our shade.
-Being terribly spoiled here in France.
-Every single thing.

-Impossible.  Though I suppose I could do with fewer scorpions.
-Knowing this can't last forever... silly round trip ticket.

-Anything and everything involved with my last month here.

1 comment:

  1. Hahhaha I love your comment about "silly round-trip tickets." ;)