August 1, 2012

A Peek Into ♥elycia's Daily Life

Hi everyone!

I am happy to be here today filling in for Megan while she is enjoying France. Oh yeah, I guess I should tell you who I am...

I'm Elycia from the blog ♥elycia and I am a crafty, vintage loving, cat lady living in Hamilton with my husband and our two cats. My favourite way to get to know bloggers (besides vlogs) is taking a peek into their daily lives and seeing things around their home. Does that make me nosey? Probably but I'm ok with that. In case you like to get to know people the same way as I do, here are a few photos from a regular work day around here.
Coffee and emails to start my day.
Messy writing on my blog to-do list. I currently have a few different to-do lists hanging around my office.
A lot of days I end up matching my walls.
I hung a few new things on the wall the other day.
Yeah I have a Cabbage Patch Kid sitting beside my jewelry box. His name is Keith and he also keeps me informed on the temperature. His hair changes colour depending on whether it is hot or cold. Pretty impressive, huh?
Swinging kitty tail. Best part of my day.
Thank you for letting me show you a bit of my day! I hope you all have a great one. 


--Thank you to Elycia for giving us the inside scoop on her day to day happenings!


  1. I am so in love with the color combo on that afghan. DEFINITELY bookmarking that in my head for the next blanket I make! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love seeing pictures around Elycia's home, I think I must be super nosy too cause I love seeing all the places you don't normally get to see. I think it would be nice to spend the day with her and learn how to actually be productive home employed person.