July 18, 2012

Take A Summer Day Trip

Hello there!  I am Moe from Five Sixteenths filling in here on Megan Ta Da for the lovely Megan who is in France right now.  Can you believe it? I am a little bit jealous!  I blog about style, DIYs, art, blog tips, & my post grad life over on Five Sixteenths.  I am about to embark on my own journey here in the next few weeks: Moving up north.  So this summer I've made a Summer Bucket List to make sure I make the most of my last summer in the South, including going to the beach & plain old traveling around.  While Megan is out making me a tad bit jealous studying art while I'm stuck stateside, I thought I'd share what I'd bring on a tiny day trip.
Now that gas prices here are crazy ridiculous, I've found the most affordable way to get away is to take a day trip.  Fortunately I live in an area close to water, theme parks, & a lot of other attractions.  Growing up near the water made me a water bug & I love to be at the beach or pool side.  My room mates & I have taken a few trips down to Yorktown Beach in Virginia.  The little strip of beach has a few restaurants, an ice cream shop, & a pub down it too, perfect for a little day trip. So to go from beach to the bar this is what I'd pack up for a day trip:

Sun & Sand
essentials for the beach
one // A sun hat! What's a day on the beach with out a sun hat on your head.  Since it's been hot as hades out lately, some shade would be so nice while laying in the sun

two // Sunnies of course & some trendy earrings.  I have lost a few pairs of sunglasses AND earrings in the waves.  Claire's (or even Big Lots!) is a good alternative to bringing your fancy accessories into the surf and the sand

three // I am a very modest person when it comes to swim wear & I find that these sorts of swimsuits make me feel more comfortable.  I love the vintage cut & the hour glass shape.  A fun color makes your day even brighter.

four // Flip flops are great for the beach.  As much as I like the beach I don't like getting sand in my shoes so sandals or tennis shoes are out for me.  But the Old Navy flip flops are great & I try to buy a few pair every summer.

Summer Day Trip

Summer Day Trip by fivesixteenthsblog featuring summer dresses

Surf & Sail
essentials for after
five // A trendy denim waist coat adds a bit of sass to an outfit.  Perfect for going to the bar.  I've often found that bars can be a little chilly & if you've gotten a sunburn something on your shoulders can stave off the chills.

six // Patterned dresses are a good staple especially in tribal prints for the summer.  Dresses are flowy & keep you cool.  When it's hot out they make you feel like you are wearing less clothes & you still look stylish.

seven // Add a bit more bling with more accessories that you wouldn't mind losing to the water.  Check souvenir shops for some last minute additions

eight // Your Old Navy flops may not be the best suited for heading out to eat & hey, they may clash with your cool dress.  Easy slip on sandals can fit in your bag if you need a quick change.
I hope you've enjoyed this post & that you've been encouraged to go on a day trip.  While you're on your day trip why not capture your summer on film & then use the photos to make a photo journal.  I know I want to make a few more albums to remember my travels this summer.

--Thank you to Moe for the inspiration to pack a bag, get out, and go find an adventure!--

What do you do on day trips? How do you document your travels?

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