July 19, 2012

Things Elizabeth Loves About Summer

summer fruit // growing things // crafting tasty cocktails // journaling and drinking coffee // fresh produce and pretty flowers // warm evening walks

I am so excited to have Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky here today to share with us her favorite summery things!  Not only is she an awesome blog lady, a traveler, and biker, she is a printmaker too!  Her pictures make summer look as dreamy as ever and right now all I want to do is go pick some fruit, sip on a nice cold drink, and walk around marveling at the lavender around here.

Thank you for sharing your summer loves with us, Elizabeth!


  1. Love this post! Good guest-blogger selection. :) This makes me want to go read. In a field. With a mason jar of iced tea!

  2. That drink looks so delicious and delightful. Perfect for a hot summers day. I also love the journal shot. Journalling in a big part of my summer since summer is so inspiring! I hope you are having fun sweet friend!