July 4, 2012

Today We Celebrate Our Independence Day

Oh Bill Pullman, can't you deliver me all my lifetime motivational speeches?  My last cast was as patriotic as can be.  I was going for a Wonder Woman, Captain America, patriotic kind of theme, could you tell?  After two cross-country bicycle trips, I fell off my bike at an alumni event and felt it was only right to show a little patriotism.  While I am thankful I lived in a cast during the winter and not the summer, if I had to wear one in the warmer days I would hope it would be as snazzy as this gem.  Thank goodness for painters tape, spray paint, and paint pens.  And medical assistants that allow a 23-year-old to have her wish of a multi-colored cast.

Happy Fourth of July.  This is my first Independence Day outside of the states, and it's weird.  Where's my ice cream?  Where are my fireworks? 

Side note:  Every year at summer camp there is a very intense game of all-camp capture the flag.  Blue VS Red.  Top bunks VS Bottom bunks.   Fact: I am the least competitive person in all the land and one year I whipped out a very oversized Goodwill mens polo shirt that had three large vertical stripes: red, purple, blue.  I walked the dividing line between the two sides with my guitar playing protest and peace songs.  It was glorious.


  1. Nice casts! The 4th must have been so weird for you! I can't imagine being out of the US for the 4th!

  2. found you via frankie. man did we have great capture the flag games in our neighborhood. protests too. and criminal behavior. my brother used to kick kickballs onto the flat roof of the school to retrieve them after school was out. so if we didn't feel like playing capture the flag we always had a serious supply of kickballs.

    btw, we celebrated the 4th enough for all of us. i'd be bummed if i was out of the states on the 4th.