September 10, 2012

Weekend Waygone 13

A vacation... I know, I know, I just got back from France! Well technically that was for academic purposes. The most wonderful academic purposes. So when the opportunity to take a little trip down to Florida presented itself, I jumped at it. I was lucky enough to sell a few prints at the Vernissage, so what better way to spend that money than on a week long getaway before I start my all too familiar 72 hour night shift work week? (I start training today... woop, woop).

Last Sunday I celebrated Labor Day by jumping on a plane and heading South. I was met by a printmaking friend I made while in France. Her and her family were nice enough to take me in for the evening while I waited for a friend from my bike trip to come steal me away for the week.

The trip, like most I take, was last minute at best, so we didn't have too many set plans. It was simply a nice, relaxing, lazy week. The best kind! I got a bit of drawing done, read a few books, took in a few movies, and chowed down on some new foods and one tasty milkshake. All in all I will label the trip a success.

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