September 7, 2012

Bed Head Best Head

 shirt: american apparel // pants: american apparel // shoes: lands end
Back in July I had a spur of the moment hair snip while passing by a salon in Paris... Fast forward to today and it is still the perfect bed head length.  While I was beginning to get used to my longer hair, and practicing hair braids as physical therapy for my recovering lazy hand, I just can't help but love the easiness of a short 'do.  Even when getting mistaken for a sir, as I did at the airport recently.  To be fair, I am a big girl... technically taller than the average male, I was wearing skinny jeans intended for men, and I had an ordinary gray t-shirt on.  My purple lady suitcase and or large lady purse were not indicative of my ladyhood I suppose.  I always enjoy watching people fumble around and correct themselves when they realize a sir, I am not.  Guilty pleasure.

While visiting a friend who had to work all day, I took the opportunity to take some photos while I waited for a rainstorm to pass from the comfort of their apartment.  Despite the rain, it was bright enough to get away with a few shots on the couch.  Ta da!


  1. Aww I'm sad to see your long hair go! But so long as you love it, nothing else matters. :3 It's suppperr odd though, you look like a completely different person with such short hair. I guess because I've never seen you without long hair, the short hair affects the way I perceive your features. It's really odd.

    1. Ha! I don't think I'm cut out for longer hair quite yet. Maybe one day. I just would put it up everyday and it would always get in the way, so it had to go. I've had similar haircuts in the past. It's just so easy!

  2. I've been mistaken for a gentleman on several occasions. At one point, Id shaved my head, and it happened regularly. Apparently, large tatas, and lady shaped hips aren't indicative of being a lady.