September 17, 2012

Weekend Waygone 14

Today I continue working 12 and a half hour shifts 6 days a week in my snazzy steel toed boots.  Only, this time I switch to night shift! Hellooooo 6pm to 6:30am! I may need to purchase coffee grounds by the barrel on my way home from work.  Luckily this only lasts for a month or two and not forever.  I am all trained up and ready to have my security background check completed so I can get my "good guy" letter and really get to work. I can guarantee when it is all over I will sleep for an entire day guilt free. Until then, I will welcome the cold Autumn chill and day dream a bunch.

1 comment:

  1. I started a job a couple months back that requires steel toes. I picked up a pair that had pink accents, because I figured if I needed to wear something so heavy, a girly touch would be nice.