January 30, 2013

Since I've Been Gone

Uh, well, hello. Upon declaring rain and sweat as my hair product of choice, this snapshot was taken in front of a decorative wagon outside of a Mexican restaurant. (Photo courtesy of friend Jake: you know what you did). Having just cycled from Orlando to Cocoa Beach, Florida, my only concern was how many tacos and margaritas I could fit into my six foot frame. Ever a lady, I threw down my helmet and backpack and dirt splattered body, ordered as much as I thought I could handle, and was rewarded by their surprise two for Tuesday special. All in the company of good friends to boot. Hot damn.


  1. I'm training for a cycling trip right now, although mine is across Missouri, not Florida!

    1. Awesome! What route are you taking? I made a trek through Missouri in 2010 as part of my first cross country trip. We stayed in Hannibal, Moberly, and Richmond before we ducked into Kansas.

  2. Hello Megan,

    I just love this pic. And you do look a lot like the woman on that painting.
    Hope to read a lot more from you in the future.

    Foxy Greetings!