May 27, 2013

Looking Back & Packing Up

I've been tinkering away in the printmaking studio for some time now, and have just started the process of packing up.  My summer adventure will start before I know it.  One of my favorite parts about packing (I do it a lot) is coming across gems that strike the nostalgia chord just right.  This was a process shot when a few friends and I put on our first art show.  The show's name, converge, sent us into the letterpress room to see how we could make a bad-ass show card to distribute.  As someone who does not speak computer / technology fluently, it was such a nice experience to have ideas to cut and paste and move around to get everything just right.  A friend was a wizard with the letterpress and Vandercook printing presses.  She churned out a handful of options then together we went to town sorting, cutting, pasting, moving, and shaking.  I hope to get to use the letterpress more someday in the future.

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