June 3, 2013

And Away I Go

The time has come.  I write to you now as an official college graduate.  It took ages to get to this point, but I am proud to say I have earned a Printmaking BFA.  My images have been etched, framed, presented, and now celebrated.  For now I am tying up loose ends in the packing game, filling a storage unit with nearly all of my earthly belongings, and gearing up for another adventure.  I must say adieu to the printmaking studio, my old stomping grounds, my precious photogravure dark room, the inks, the solvents, and the wonderful, extraordinary people I was able to work alongside.  Not to fret, I will return, but before then I must go on one of my signature adventures of a lifetime... Curious?  You'll be more than filled in soon enough.  Stick around.

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