June 24, 2013

Brandon, VT

Good morning, Vermont!  If there's one thing we bikers get excited about on trips of this nature, it's a state sign.  State signs are exciting, proof of our hard work, and a perfect photo opportunity.  We got to the Vermont sign quite quickly since we had spent the night just miles from the border.  Once we crossed a bridge, the entire gang stopped for many group pictures, some laughter, and lots of feather hands.  For those of you not in the know, feather hands are a fantastic self explanatory dance move.  Enjoy.

Vermont riding is a treasure.  In this case we pedaled our way up a mountain, all slow and steady like, and tried not to succumb to the heat.  The heat proved to be tolerable, and would keep us company as we cruised up and down hills, past beautiful green trees and fresh air, and would eventually lose its power as we were delivered a familiar rain storm.

The last bit of our ride was spent in quite a downpour, and we arrived to the quaint and perfect town of Brandon a bit soggier than we had been when we first arrived in Vermont.  Let me just add, having an outdoor hose shower in the middle of a rainstorm is something to laugh about.  The rain wouldn't last all night long, it let up with enough time to get some painting done on our support trailer before it got too dark out.  

Before the painting, however, came what I thought was a bright idea.  We were cooking dinner for ourselves, and I thought it would be awesome to cook everyone my delicious coconut rice.  Well, my excitement overpowered my thought process, as I conveniently forgot that I usually had a handful more ingredients than what we had on the road.  I thought I'd make do just fine, when I then realized I had only ever made enough rice for a few people.  We, on the other hand,  were thirty deep and had two large pots.  Let's just say there was a smoky burnt essence about my rice dish.  Alas, with burnt rice in our bellies, we set out our gear to dry and fell asleep in good spirits, ready to cross yet another state line in the morning.

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