June 25, 2013

Silver Bay, NY

Waking up today seemed less than refreshing, as I couldn’t seem to shake the sleep from my eyes.  Perhaps it was Vermont, and wishing I could stay for longer than one night, but the open road was there for the taking, and New York was today’s destination.  Easy, smooth country riding brought us to an early lunch on a borrowed corner of a local farmer’s land.  We sprawled out in the grass, enjoyed the sunshine, and cracked open a jar of coconut peanut butter to try.  

After a nice and relaxing farmside lunch, our group made our way to a small ferry where we would cross and dock in the great state of New York.  Since we all took the ferry together, we were all able to get a state sign picture with the entire group.  After we claimed the state sign as our own, the rolling hills brought us up and over the New York countryside.  The sun grew stronger before a storm managed to soak us from helmets to socks.  Coasting along the lake, despite the gloomy rain, proved to be quite beautiful and rewarding with every turn and hill.

Soon the hills brought us to YMCA heaven.  Silver Bay, New York is home to YMCA headquarters.  Think ultimate adult / family summer camp a la the Dirty Dancing country club.  Our group filed into our own wooden cabin dorm before exploring campus.  I was quick to find a nice wooden rocking chair on the porch of the lodge.  From there, I rocked back and forth as I looked out onto the water.  I must have stayed here til late as the last thing I remember, after napping, was staring up at the star filled sky.  

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