June 26, 2013

Speculator, NY

Today brought my turn driving the support van.  Without too many errands to run, I drove up and down the hillsides through the Adirondacks with soft music to keep me company.  Wouldn't you know it, the rain started to fall.  Rain has had quite a presence on our trip so far, more so than any of my other bike trips, and we are only in our first week of riding.  Luckily, with no perfectly sunny days to compare these wet days to, spirits have been high and the rain is turning into an old friend.

The tricky part about rain, as the support driver, is where to set up lunch.  These small towns left few and far between opportunity for any sort of coverage.  Eventually, just after passing the mileage halfway point for the day, I saw a seemingly abandoned building with just enough of a covered porch to suit our needs.  Before any riders arrived, two great moments occurred.  First, a man pulled up in his pickup truck and I immediately thought we would be asked to keep on keeping on.  Instead, the man let us know this was his buddy Slick's old place, and to tell anyone who asked that Slick said it was quite alright to spend the afternoon here out of the rain.  Thank you, kind sir and friend of Slick!  Then next great moment was the nap I fit in between Slick's approval and when the first rider showed up.  Rainy days are sometimes for naps.

Once lunch had been had by all, it was time to press on and find our new floor to lay out our sleeping bags on for another night's rest.  Luckily the directions never got confusing as there was not a shred of phone service to be had by anyone.  No matter, we all arrived to find Lake Pleasant and the rain clouds disappear.

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