August 31, 2012

Disposable Camera Swap

Back in June I signed up for Campfire Chic's disposable camera swap.  I boarded my flight to France shortly after, picked up a disposable camera at a grocery store, and took mine to the village post office a while later to be shipped to California.  When I got off the return flight home on Tuesday I found my partner's envelope with camera inside.  I made my way to the store to get my mystery photos developed.  These were a few of my favorites!  I hope my partner has received my camera by now.  I would love to see the photos I took while the little French village I was staying at was fresh and new to me.


  1. this is such an awesome idea, gotta to check out Campfire Chic for sure!

  2. Yes! I was so happy I got to take part in this. There is always awesome stuff happening on Campfire Chic - highly recommend!