September 3, 2012

Weekend Waygone 12

A slow start.  That's exactly what I needed after coming back home from France.  Once I got caught up on sleep I had a few days to slowly ease back into regular life again.  I like starting each day with a nice, slow cup of coffee.  As simple as grinding the coffee beans, making a make-shift coffee pot with extra filters and hair elastics, brewing a cup or two, and sipping the hot, new coffee while watching the goats play in the backyard.

Coming back home after a big trip is always an odd feeling.  A silence after a storm.  It takes a second to realize that maybe not much has really changed.  When I go on big, extended adventures I can completely give in to the wonder, excitement, and the magic of being thrown into an entirely different world or experience.  I love this.  People can live entire lifetimes in big, important adventures, no matter how long or short they may be, but coming back to what was the normal day to day can have an oddly sobering effect.

Coming back from France has been exactly one of those moments.  Coming back to my parents house.  It feels smaller, it feels quieter, and it lacks new excitement.  I'll be here all fall for work before having a new adventure.  I'm sure I'll quickly get used to the day to day.  The only problem with settling back in is that the great adventures seem farther away and less real somehow.  It's a symptom of returning.  As much as I dislike that feeling, I seem to keep coming back home for one reason or another.  Mostly financial reasons, but still.  It's something I hope to break if not this year then the next.


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    1. Delicious indeed! There is just something so nice about having the luxury of brewing your own cup just the way you like it.