August 30, 2012

Rose Thorn Bloom: August

The summer has come and gone and I for one had a marvelous time. I flew home from France on Tuesday night and I've been slowly familiarizing myself with normal life.

-Getting to spend another month in a beautiful place. 
-The always beautiful sunrise in the valley. I saw a few of these while pulling all-nighters.
-Entertaining green van adventure trips on the back roads of France.
-Spending as much time possible with the small group of printmakers I was lucky enough to share a studio with. 
-French cheese. A-yum. 
-Having a successful end of summer art show (even selling some of my work)! 
-Living without a cell phone.
-Long meals.
-A designated coffee hour set aside everyday.

 -Having to leave the wonderful village in the South of France I was lucky enough to call home. 
-The people who complained everyday (I mean, come on! We were in heaven!) 
-Leaving all the wonderful people who made the summer excellent.
-Re-entering the world of air conditioning.  I seriously have been wearing jeans and sweaters since I got back.
-I miss seeing ruins and old, broken castles everywhere I look!

-I hope to keep learning the French language. 
-Bring on the Fall foliage!

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