August 27, 2012

Weekend Waygone 11

This past weekend was our big show here in the South of France.  Today we are cleaning up shop and packing for our early bus ride to the airport tomorrow.  But first, we had our big end of Summer show!  We cleared out all our work spaces and our caves and transformed the entire village into a gallery, complete with streets lined with framed work and installations.  I was happy to have twelve pieces in the show and even happier to have had five pieces purchased!  Yay!

My work in the show was mostly etchings, but I did also have my big drawing of bread on the wall as well. I am one of those gluten intolerant folks that came to France as some form of torture as I passed by bakeries, people strolling around town with baguettes, and dreaming of chocolate croissants and something to spread my brie onto. In lieu of eating what always looked so delicious I decided to draw it. In a very big way. I didn't quite get to put the finishing touches on it, but I was happy to have my big, funny chunks of bread on the wall.
Oh, I also cut all my hair off last month! Back in Paris at the beginning of July a friend of mine and I had a free morning with not much to do before we were meeting the rest of our printmaking group at a museum, so we waltzed right into a little coiffure. After getting a mohawk on my first cross country bike trip in 2010 I was challenging myself to see how long I could go without chopping it all off again. I lasted almost exactly two years to the day.

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