August 21, 2012

Heat, Naps, And Productivity

The heat has set in here in the South of France.  Right in time for finals.  Joy!  We've all been hard at work and for me that seems to mean sleeping all day and printing all night.  It's actually a nice treat because I often get the shop all to myself and I get to see beautiful sunrises.  I mean beautiful.  Ridiculous.  This morning was hazy and dreamy, but yesterday morning was a show stopper.  The best sunrises seem to come out when my camera is on the other side of the village.  Hmm, tough luck.  We are atop a hill making for a perfect sunrise lookout.  It is also generally my cue to get to bed.  I am happy to report that I pulled my last print as of... a few hours ago... and I am just about right on track to get our show hung on Friday.  A good feeling indeed.

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